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About Us

Carpet Corrections is a small family run business specializing in all types of carpet repairs for more than 25 years. We take a great deal of pride in our work. We have the knowledge and experience to handle whatever problem needs to be tackled.

Our reputation has been built on friendly, quality workmanship performed in a highly professional manner.

Our goal is to provide a service, which will improve the safety and appearance of your home or workspace.

We are the solution to your re-stretching and repair needs!

Homeowners have you noticed the ripples and bubbles in your carpet getting worse and worse with time? You don’t have to live with it any longer! We are your carpet repair experts.


Selling your home?

Many of our clients are individuals who are looking to list their homes. Have you ever wondered how much money you’ll lose because the carpet looks terrible? The answer, a lot more than we charge! Why not have us come by for a free estimate, we can take care of any problems and make sure the aesthetics are taken care of?

Water Damage?

It is not uncommon for eavestroughs to overflow in heavy rains or hot water tanks to leak. Unfortunately your carpet and underpad react like a big sponge when this does happen. Take the needed steps to dry out and clean the carpet and underpad, and then fill out our online form, and schedule an appointment for a kick-in.

Renovation Work

Perhaps your changing a hallway over to hardwood, or you’ve decided to expand your tile areas. Our services may be of assistance to you. We can come and finish the carpet up to your new flooring creating a clean safe transition. We work with many renovation companies and provide carpet finishing services at great rates.

Commercial Work

Is the carpet in your office looking unprofessional? Sometimes, low pile glued down carpet will start rippling. It may be a simple case of the initial installers not using enough glue during the install, or it may be that the glue has simply dried out. Either way we can come in and repair your office carpet to look the way it should.


Berber Repairs

Berber carpets are susceptible to snags, which in turn can unravel or run. This can be successfully repaired in most every situation.

frayed carpet

Carpet Ripples

Waves and bumps in carpets can be a tripping hazard. Stretching these areas not only removes the danger, but also enhances your home esthetics.

ripples, wrinkles, waves, bumps, buckling, bubbles, carpet



Why Does Carpet Ripple? Top Reasons:

  • Moisture – Carpet is made up of two layers that react differently when exposed to moisture. If carpet is continually exposed to excessive moisture, or high humidity, you may have problems. Caution is required when cleaning your carpet by hot water extraction (steam cleaning), and we recommend using professional certified cleaners.
  • Defective carpet or underpad – Products are not always made perfect. The truth is the formula in the carpet backing may vary from one roll to another, or even from the beginning of a large roll to the end of a roll. (The color as well will vary slightly from the beginning of a roll to the end.)
  • Improper installation or improper acclimatization – A poor installation could be the cause. A carpet installed in a cold house in the winter will not likely be stretched as well as a carpet on a hot summer day. Manufacturers recommend acclimatizing the carpet in the house, as well as the use of a power stretcher when installing.
  • Uneven surface beneath the carpet – Uneven joints in the sub-floor will likely telegraph through the carpet. As well, carpet underpad may have less density from one side of a roll to the other. When uneven densities of underpad join at a seam, the result could be rippling down the road. For a lasting solution you will need to fix this underlying problem.

This is only a partial list as to why carpet ripples, as it is not an exact science. No matter what the cause, at Carpet Corrections we can repair your carpet properly.

Squeaky Floors


Do you have squeaky floors?

The preferred method is to lift the carpet and under pad. In some cases seams have to be opened, and furniture moved, to access the location of the joists. Where this is not possible, there is another technique that we can use.

In doing these repairs we use flooring screws, not drywall screws or nails.




carpet burns

Burns can be patched using remnants of carpet from your original carpet installation (or we will use carpet from a closet, or other inconspicuous area), to repair the damaged area. In which case, a reasonable substitute will be replaced into the closet.



Do you have pet stains? A bleach mark? Nail polish spill? Wine or coffee stain? No worries, we can repair all stains by using our skillful patching techniques.



Are you coming apart at the seams? In time carpets may unravel and become tattered. This can be repaired quickly and effectively

Pet Damage


Our adorable little animal friends can sometimes get into mischief. Whether it be digging a hole in your carpet, snagging your berber carpet with a claw, or can’t quite make it outside in time – we can fix all of the above!

What is a Power Stretcher?


A power stretcher is a tool used to stretch carpet during installations and carpet ripple repairs. Simply stated the large arm is pressed down which in turn extends the head away from the power stretching body. The head of the power stretcher has teeth that grip the carpet and transfers the stretching force.

In the picture you can see the silver stretching tubes, these are set up behind the stretcher to push off of the opposing wall to anchor the power stretcher. Depending on what type of substrate is underneath the carpet (usually wood or concrete) different attachments can be used. On concrete, power stretching tubes are basically your only choice and require moving the furniture in order to get straight lines from one end of the room to the other. However, over wood sub-floors, there is another attachment that can be used (without poles) which minimizes the space needed, and therefore requiring less moving of furniture.

There are other power stretching tools being used and manufactured, but this is by far the most common and effective.


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